Panasonic BL-C210A Internet Security Camera

Posted on Aug 9 2011 - 9:00am by Russ


Ever wonder what is happening at home or work while you aren't there?  Wonder no more with Panasonic's BL-C210A Home Network Camera.  If you have internet at the location of the camera you can monitor the camera from wherever you are (assuming you also have internet at your location).  Don't want to stare at the camera waiting for action?  Have the camera notify you via e-mail when it detects movement.  While working on our review of the Panasonic BL-C210A, we were pleasantly

surprised with how easy to use and set-up the camera was.

Some of our favorite features of the BL-C210A review are;

  • Pan, Tilt, and Zoom
  • Triple Sensor technology "“ the camera can hear, sense motion, and body heat
  • Access via a PC or mobile phone
  • H.264 compression for light high quality images
  • Built-in memory for video storage
  • Fairly priced at $89.99


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