Air Swimmer RC Flying Clown Fish And Shark

Posted on Aug 15 2011 - 9:17am by Russ

Air Swimmer Radio Controlled Fish

Unlike other blimp style RC gadgets the Air Swimmers actually appear to be swimming in the air.  They don't float around passively, instead they have moving fins that flow back and forth for to move the fish through the air.

You have a choice of a shark or a clownfish.  The Air Swimmer fish use a AAA batteries, an infrared controller, and helium to pull off this coolness.  You can pick up helium at your local florist, Costco, or balloon shop on the cheap.  The fish should stay inflated for up to two weeks and can be refilled over and over.  Oh yeah, the Air Swimmers are pretty cheap as well, the Clownfish and Shark are under $40 here. 

Enough said, check out the video of the Air Swimmers after the break.

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