An iPhone Case With Extra Battery And Dual SIM Cards

Posted on Nov 11 2011 - 9:26am by Robby S.

Vooma Peel PG920 iPhone Case Dual SIM

So why would anyone want dual SIM cards?  I asked myself the same question, turns out it helps drug dealers and bad guys be a tad sneakier with just one phone.  Sure you could just carry two phones, one for normal stuff, and one for the not so "normal" stuff.  Or, you could get yourself the Vooma Peel PG920 iPhone case that allows you to run two SIMs.  You see, you use one SIM to talk to your wife, and one SIM for your other lady friends.  Oh, and since you are such a busy beaver it also has a battery to make your phone last a bit longer.  Expect to see this soon,

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