Posted on Nov 15 2013 - 8:36am by Russ


Like most folks these days, I carry around several credit cards, ATM cards, membership cards, gift cards, etc, Too many cards.  This invention, the Coin ($100 available summer 2014), aims to solve that problem by storing all of these cards in just one card.  The Coin is the same shape as a typical credit card but manages to have a dynamic magnetic stripe, a small screen for card names (and last 4 digits), a battery, and Bluetooth for connecting to your phone.  The Coin uses this Bluetooth connection with your phone as another layer of security.  Your phone has to be in the area to activate the Coin card and will also alert you (via your phone) when you get too far from your Coin Card.

One bit of info from the FAQ's is a bit confusing.  They state that the Coin can hold an unlimited number of cards, but only 8 at a time?  If that is the case, then the Coin doesn't really solve my problem as I have more than 8 cards.  Will look for clarification on this.

Q. How many cards can a Coin hold?
A. The Coin mobile app can store an unlimited number of cards, however, a Coin can hold up to 8 cards at a time.

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