Philips SHQ4007 Sports Neckband Headset Review

Posted on Dec 19 2011 - 11:21am by Russ

Philips SHQ4007/28

Finding a good earbud for sports can be tough.  As much as I like the tiny earbuds, without the neckband, they tend to pop out during certain sports/activities.  After playing with the Philips SHQ4007/28 Sports Neckband Headset I can at least say this much, they stay put.  Read on for a full review of the Philips SHQ4007 Sports Neckband Headset.

The Philips SHQ4007 headset is a solid contender for most athletic types.  They don't get in the way, they stay put, and are sweat proof and washable.  Some of the neckband, or behind the head,image headsets don't seem to fit right.  They are either too tight and feel like your head/ears are being squished in a vise, or they fit right and sound awful.  The Philips SHQ4007's tend to fit perfectly on my head.  I often forget I am wearing them, even after long workouts.  The sound quality isn't earth shattering but manages decent highs, mids, and lows.

They are very lightweight, use antimicrobial ear caps (you can choose from 3 sizes), and include a cable extension, a cable clip, and a breathable storage bag.  Philips claims the SHQ4007/28's are water proof enough that you can wash them under running tap water.  This is nice considering you will get them sweaty and don't want them to get grubby.

Oh yeah, they also come with an inline remote for music controls and a microphone for calls.  All-in-all, I would buy them again.  They are pretty inexpensive as well, you can get them here for about $27.

"¢Diaphragm: Mylar Dome
"¢Frequency response: 15 – 22 000 Hz
"¢Impedance: 16 Ohm
"¢Magnet type: Neodymium
"¢Maximum power input: 20 mW
"¢Sensitivity: 102 dB
"¢Speaker diameter: 9 mm
"¢Type: Dymanic


"¢ Flexible lightweight neckband
"¢ Ultra-soft silicon caps sit comfortably in your ears
"¢ A 1.2m long cable that is ideal for outdoor use
"¢ Cable clip
"¢ Sweat proof
"¢ Washable
"¢ Customized cable length
"¢ Water proof mic and music control
"¢ 3 sizes of ear sleeves for a customized fit

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