Silva Custom Bamboo MacBook Pro Or iPad 2 Case

Posted on Feb 20 2012 - 9:54am by Russ

Silva Bamboo Macbook Case

You spent a pretty penny on your MacBook Pro (and or iPad 2), you might as well wrap it up in a custom bamboo case by Silva Limited.  The Silva MacBook Pro Case ($179.99) is 100% solid Carmel bamboo that is CNC machined and hand assembled.  The interior is wool felt lined and the exterior has a hand rubbed glass-like finish with a leather strap for handle.  Classy.

You can get the same thing for your iPad 2 for $129.99.

The MacBook cases are just a little over 2 pounds and the iPad 2 case is about 1 pound, which is extremely light for being made out of solid wood.

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