Heizer Defense DoubleTap Is The World’s Smallest .45

Posted on Mar 29 2012 - 8:54am by Russ

Heizer DoubleTap

I love pocket guns.  One of the drawbacks, however, of the smaller guns is the tiny caliber rounds.  Not with the Heizer Defense's .45 caliber DoubleTap concealed carry pistol.  With that said, you only get two rounds at a time, with an additional two rounds hidden in the grip.

The gun measures 5.5-inches long, 3.9-inches tall, and weighs just 12-ounces.  The gun comes in aluminum (12-ounces, $500) or titanium (14-ounces, $730).  More pictures and video of the Heizer DoubleTap after the break.

World's Smallest .45 Caliber Pistol

Titanium Frame with a MIL-STD finish that resists corrosion

Two rounds in the chamber and integral grips house an additional two spare rounds

Ported barrel reduces muzzle flip and recoil

Slim, no-snag hammerless design for easy pocket carry

Ambedextrious thumb latch to eject spent rounds

7 Patents pending including double-action trigger system

1911 Ergonomics and loaded rounds are visible

Quick change – interchangable barrels

Heizer DoubleTap

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  1. warzone April 2, 2012 at 1:53 pm -

    Just remember to leave it on the other side of the California border!
    Remember, the punks that have to power to prosecute you for a gun law violation DO have a BURNING desire to do so.

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