RoboReel Retractable Cord Reel

Posted on Apr 16 2012 - 9:43am by Russ

RoboReel Cord Reel

This is the first retractable extension cord reel I have gotten excited about.  This retractable cord reel (and the hose reel which I really want) are both made by Great Stuff and are truly well thought out gadgets.  I would almost call them over engineered, but I personally think that is what makes great products.  I imagine Steve Jobs would have a RoboReel product at his house if he was still with us. 

Some features included on the RoboReel Cord Reel include two speed retraction, heat and fire protection, emergency power shutoff, obstruction protection, one touch retraction, portable design, several mounting options, 360 degree rotation, and more,

Enough typing, watch the RoboReel video after the break.

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