Musubo Double X Review

Posted on Jun 12 2012 - 9:41am by Russ

Musubo Double X Case

When I first saw the Musubo Double X iPhone 4/4s case it looked like a bombproof type of phone case.  The packaging alone made it stand out from your typical iPhone case packaging making you want to see what it was all about.

It's a one piece type of protective iPhone case made out of a hardened silicone that is soft to the touch, not slippery, with a matte finish.  Once I installed the Double X Case on the iPhone 4s it fit perfectly snug and looked very stylish.  The volume buttons and the power button are protected without being blocked.  Both charging and headphone ports were unobstructed, making it hassle free when charging or using a wired headset.  The opening for the camera lens matches perfectly and doesn't have the flash ghosting problem.  In the past, when using inferior cases, I thought my iPhone was defective but later found out it was just a poor case design. 

Black Musubo Double X

The back design of the Musubo Double X looks great with the stylized X's.  Parts of the X's are raised and reinforced on the inside to add impact/vibration protection as well.  The openness of the back of the case tends to make it a bit of a lint /dust trap.  Not the end of the world, but the price you pay for this cool open design.  The Musubo Double X is available in blue, black, purple, clear, and red for about $29.99.

Overall the Musubo Double X iPhone 4s case was made with precision.  All ports and buttons worked with ease, my iPhone was protected, it looks stylish and sleek and it also has impact/vibration protection.  Kudos to Musubo!!!

Features :
– Compatible with iPhone 4 / 4S
  (GSM & CDMA Model)
– Made by TPU* with Soft Touching
– Package includes:
  Screen Protectors / Micro Fiber Fabric
  Foldable Video Stand

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