GoRigIt – Connect Your iPhone To Your GoPro

Posted on Aug 4 2014 - 9:20am by Russ

GoRigIt GoPro iPhone Case

GoRigIt is essentially an iPhone case (more models to come if they get funded) with a GoPro mount on the back. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? Often the best ideas are. Read on for details…

GoRigIt GoPro iPhone Case Mount

The GoPro’s wide angle lens is pretty forgiving but not flawless for that perfect shot. Yes, you can buy a BacPac for more money and live with less features, a tiny LCD screen, and another piece of hardware to carry around. Or, you could back the action heroes at GoRigIt and make this product a reality.

If your shooting goes from dry land to underwater the GoRigIt case has you covered. Another cool feature is that the case will also mount up to any GoPro mounts.  So, if you have a GoPro mount on your handlebars, you can now mount your iPhone there.

GoRigIt GoPro Case

The GoRigIt case protects your iPhone so that it can go almost anywhere you would want to take your GoPro! Don't worry about dropping your iPhone, getting it wet, or splashing some mud on it "“ our case is designed to protect! Anywhere your GoPro can go, your iPhone should be able to go too.

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