Apple Is Now Assembling New iMacs In The USA

Posted on Dec 3 2012 - 10:24am by Robby S.

iMac Assembled In USA

A bit of shocker.  It seems that most of the products on the shelves in the USA are manufactured and assembled in China.  Not sure why Apple has chosen to assemble some of the new iMacs here in America.  One can imagine it is a combination of the following, assembly speed, cost, and/or Americanism.  Is that a word?

If Apple is able to speed up production of the new iMac by having some of the final assembly done in the USA without eroding too much profit, then why not.  Remember the new iMac still isn't made in the USA, just assembled.  Unfortunately most of the components are still made outside of the USA as well.

Maybe there is a cost savings having final assembly completed in America?  Lower taxes or tariffs?  Let's be honest, cost tends to be one of the better leveraged decision makers.

Lastly, maybe it just feels good to bring some jobs and pride back to the USA.  Either way, good for Apple, and I hope the US assemblers are better than the ones that make our American cars.

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