Google Play & Android Affected By One Click Billing Fraud

Posted on Apr 2 2013 - 9:49am by Robby S.

Google Play and Android One Click Billing Fraud

"You can pooh-pooh Apple all you like when it comes to their hardware and software, but certainly, there is no denying the benefits of a closed ecosystem that is employed by iOS, which cannot be found in Google's Android operating system. Well, being open means less restrictions, but it also could turn into more opportunities for someone with malicious intention to exploit, too. In fact, it is reported that Google Play has been affected by one click billing fraud, with over 200 Android apps been designed to trick folks into parting with their hard earned money, with some cases going up to $1,000 for adult content, Symantec warned.

Basically these apps fool folks who are checking out adult-oriented videos, and those who are unaffected and prefer to take the moral high ground might say that this is thoroughly deserved, but we are more interested in this breach of security than moral codes. Called one-click fraud or one-click billing fraud, this scam involves a person who is browsing the Internet, before he/she is informed out of the blue that they recently agreed to pay a registration fee right after clicking on a link. They normally pay the scammer due to guilt for clicking on the link, which is normally pornographic material, as part of a move to avoid additional embarrassment should others misunderstand them. Let's hope that Google gets all of this sorted out, and soon!""


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