Domino’s Helicopter Pizza Delivery

Posted on Jun 5 2013 - 8:01pm by Russ

Domino's Helicopter Pizza Delivery

At first glance this Octocopter remote controlled pizza delivery in London seems like a clever gimmick to generate some viral advertising for Domino's.  And guess what, here I am writing about it, so it worked.  With that said, the Octocopters (like the Turbo Ace X88-J2) are getting better and better.  They can now carry decent payloads (in this case two large peperoni pizzas), and can stay on track (via GPS) for long distances, have better battery life, longer range wireless video transmission, and better visual controls with FPV systems  (like the fatshark system).

Less employees needed to deliver the pizza, less wasted fuel, less liability, etc, So, remote controlled helicopter pizza deliveries could actually become a reality someday.  There are a few obstacles to overcome though.  Video of the Domino's helicopter pizza delivery after the break.

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