AViiQ Premium Portable Laptop Stand Review

Posted on Jul 9 2013 - 7:57am by Russ

AViiQ Premium Portable Laptop Stand

So you spent a few thousand dollars on your new MacBook Pro and want a great stand to improve wrist comfort and screen visibility.  Now isn't the time to skimp on a bulky piece of plastic that isn't travel friendly.  Step up to the AViiQ Premium Portable Laptop Stand which weighs just 156 grams and is made of German Hylite material.  Lightweight, strong, and ultra-portable.

The AViiQ Premium Portable Laptop Stand feels as if it was made by Apple, even though it wasn't.  It comes in sleek packaging, includes a microfiber bag that doubles as a screen cleaner, and is built to be both beautiful and functional.  The AViiQ laptop stand props your laptop at a 12-degree angle which not only helps for more comfortable typing but also improves airflow for your computer.  When folded the stand is just 7.5 mm thick.

AViiQ Premium Laptop Stand

The AViiQ stand is the first portable laptop stand that you will actually throw in your travel bag.  Yours for just $54.95 here.

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