NEXTORCH myTorch RC 18650 Review

Posted on Jul 25 2013 - 11:55am by Adam E
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Nextorch myTorch RC 18650 Review

Hey guys, My name is Adam and I had a great opportunity to try out this cool flashlight, the Nextorch myTorch RC 18650.  It’s a USB programmable flashlight.  When you think about it, who would need to program a flashlight?  I thought it was crazy at first, but when you think of the different scenarios of when a flashlight is used, it makes sense.  Everyone uses their flashlight differently.  I’m an auto mechanic and I use a flashlight just as much a a wrench sometimes.   Read on for my Nextorch myTorch RC 18650 review.


myTorch RC 18650 Review

I downloaded the Nextorch software, Nextuner, and I played with the flashlight programming.  The Nextorch myTorch RC 18650 ReviewNextuner software is simple and easy to use.  No need to read a manual here, and tons of combination options.  The setting I chose is full 100% brightness.  At 550 Lumens, it does the job better than any flashlight off of the Tool Trucks (Snap-on, Matco Tools, etc).  In my line of work, I wouldn’t use the strobe or lower light settings.  I couldn’t tell you how long it took to charge as I connected it over night and used it the next morning.  A plus on the charge cable is that uses the very common mini USB cable instead of a proprietary connector.  The battery is a 3.7v 2200mah lithium ion.


Nextorch Nextuner Software

  • "¢ Bulb:Cree LED
  • "¢ Lumen:115 / 200 / 210 / 550 lumens
  • "¢ Runtime:18650:120 mins
  • "¢ Battery:NT18650A
  • "¢ Distance:169m
  • "¢ Material:Aerospace grade aluminum 6061-T6
  • "¢ Finish:Hard anodized finish
  • "¢ Weight:18650:212g

I’ve been using it for a week now and still on the same charge (not on consistently of course).  The durability is great as I’ve dropped it several times (even dropped it in Antifreeze and Motor oil, oops).  Still works perfect!  The fit and finish of the myTorch is high quality.  The anodizing is smooth and without rough edges.  The glow in the dark tailcap/button is a nice touch.  The LED is a bright Cree  emitter and sits deep inside a textured reflector.

In my line of work the Nextorch myTorch RC 18650 is perfect.  It would have been nice to have a charging cradle like my past lights, but with the newer technology and Lithium batteries, that cradle is obsolete.  As far as other uses, I can see the strobe and SOS to be useful for security and camping or hiking.  I would totally recommend this flashlight to anyone as its versatile to any situation.  Just program it and fire it up!

Nextorch myTorch RC 18650 Review

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