Posted on Oct 4 2013 - 6:14am by Steve M
Russ Milking A Cow
Went to Wisconsin and ate some cheese. Thought it would be cool to see the cows that the milk came from so it was off to a tour at the Hincheley’s farm. We not only got to milk a cow, and see one pee, but we also were able to feed and hangout with other farm animals. Sounds like something a kid would be excited about… but it was actually pretty cool. Took a hay ride into the corn/pumpkin fields and even saw what could have been a case of the mad cow. Will post that video in a bit.

Cow_Stomach_Explained Crazy_Eyed_Cow Feeding_Little_Lamb Russ_Afro_Chicken Steve_Afro_Chicken Steve_Cow_Lick Steve_In_Wheel Steve_Milking_Cow

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