FX Airguns Verminator MKII Extreme

Posted on Jan 3 2014 - 10:18am by Gadget King

FX Airguns Verminator MKII Extreme

"Kid, you'll shoot your eye out."  That line was from the famous Christmas Story movie and specifically the Red Rider BB Gun.  Oh how things have evolved.  The FX Airguns Verminator MKII Extreme isn't your kids pellet gun.  This awesome pellet gun comes with a FX scope and crossbow optic on quick change mounts (no tools needed).  You also get three shooting options; a short barrel, a long barrel (for super quiet shooting), and a barrel for shooting the four included arrows.  An air gun that shoots arrows?!  Yours for about $2495 at very few retailers. 

The FX Verminator Extreme kit includes:
1. Quick change barrel-system
2. FX arrow barrel
3. Shrouded smooth-twist barrel (500mm)
4. Shroud extension
5. Pressure regulator
6. 4pcs of Carbon-fiber arrows"Gold Tip Lazer II"
7. Hawke Crossbow Optics 3×32 MAP with quick change system
8. FX Optics 6-18×44 SFIR with quick change system
9. Spring loaded magazine
10. Compact Hard-case

Video of the FX Verminator MKII Extreme (on a hog hunt) after the break.

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