An Orgasm At The Push Of A Button

Posted on Mar 7 2014 - 10:26am by Craig

Orgasm implant

First off, this isn’t a joke.  Too far from April 1st for that.  This is a real orgasm machine, developed by scientists and surgeons from Winston-Salem, NC, that will stimulate an orgasm at the press of a button.  This isn’t some toy for horny folks.  It is designed for people with orgasmic dysfunctions and requires a surgery and implant (about the size of a pack of playing cards).

“Electrodes are used to trigger an orgasm, and its creator, Jim Pfaus, has hopes that this unique box can be the answer to those who live with orgasmic dysfunction. Jim Pfaus, who studies the neurobiology of sexual behaviour at Concordia University in Montreal, shared that the patient will remain conscious during the surgery when the implant is fitted, as the surgeon will have to zone in on the right nerves to which to fit the electrodes within a patient's spinal cord. These will in turn be connected to the signal generator that is shaped like a cigarette box, albeit smaller, where it is placed right under the skin of a patient's buttocks.”


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