Rungu Fat-Trike Loves The Snow And Sand

Posted on Mar 25 2014 - 10:25am by Craig


The fatbike movement has been gaining steam in the last few years.  Not only do the fatter tires look cool they also make riding over sand, snow, and other loose terrain a bit easier.  The folks at Standard Bearer Machines have created their own version of the fatbike, a fat-trike named Rungu.


The Rungu Juggernaut ($2,500 "“ $2,900)  has two fat tires in the front and one fat tire in the back.  This setup provides for more surface area and stability.  Perfect for toting your surfboard to the beach.  Add an overhead rack option, which puts the paddleboard or surfboard over the riders head, for storage and shade.  Check the video out after the break.

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