The WaveJet Propulsion System

Posted on Jun 2 2014 - 9:59am by Adam E


Whether you are a boogie boarder, surfer, or Stand Up Paddle Boarder (SUP) the WaveJet is something worth checking out.  Never has it been easier to catch a wave when surfing or go upstream while paddling SUP.  Read on for details, pictures, and videos of the WaveJet System.


The WaveJet System basically turns a surfboard or SUP into a jet propelled version of the same.  The Wavejet "pod" has two inlets and two jets and is powered by a battery pack.  The user controls the WaveJet engine via a wireless wrist controller. 


Imagine surfing all day, being exhausted, and wanting to catch a few more waves.  A small boost would sure help.  The WaveJet is perfect for this type of thing and will allow tired, injured, or older surfers to get back on the waves.  Same thing for SUP paddlers, traversing a slough with a stronger current or going upwind, no problem with the WaveJet. 


What about days when you don't want the extra weight that the WaveJet pod adds to your board?  They thought of that as well by creating a lightweight blank pod that fills in the mounting ring area.  No need to buy two boards just to have some propelled fun.  The WaveJet boards will set you back about $4,400 which isn't cheap, but what else can you really compare it with?

WaveJet is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind Personal Water Propulsion system that will change the way you interact with water. The WaveJet System includes the board of your choice, a WaveJet Power Pod, a Blank Pod for non-powered use, a Seatooth®-enabled Wrist Controller and a Charging Station.

WaveJet surfboards are developed by a team of leading industry shapers, including longboard icon Steve Walden, with consultation by team riders, Cory Lopez and Garrett McNamara. WaveJet enables surfers to spend more time surfing, catching more waves and riding them longer. On days when most surfers would stay home due to lack of waves, WaveJet propulsion enables surfers to go out and still have a great session in the water. At locations where a tow in would be otherwise required, WaveJet enables surfers to go it alone and paddle into far bigger waves on their own. On days when the lineup is full, WaveJet enables surfers to find their own peak and move between shifting peaks to take advantage of conditions that non-powered boards won't allow you to reach. On days when the local break is soft and mushy, WaveJet enables surfers to connect sections and ride as though conditions were perfect. WaveJet surfboards enable you to optimize your time in the water.

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