2015 Ford Transit Van

Posted on Oct 6 2014 - 8:59am by Russ

2015 Ford Transit Full Size Van

I have always been a fan of full-sized vans. I am pretty sure that I don’t fit the “demographic” for a full sized van (or even a mini-van). I don’t have kids or the type of business that can use a van. I do love the amount of cargo they hold, the amount of people they can carry, and most likely have a bit of nostalgia from the 1980’s vans. I like the minivan’s for their versatility but can’t help thinking bigger is better in this case. The new 2015 Ford Transit (not to be confused with the smaller Transit Connect) is a full sized van that reminds me of the Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter vans because of the taller rough options.

The 2015 For Transit Van has many configuration options from wheelbase, engine, roof heights, cargo style, seating, etc…  Here are a few of the notable options. Drool on.

Wheelbase – 130-inch, 148-inch, and 148-inch with extended body
Roof Height – low, medium, and high (from 246.7 cubic feet to 487.3 cubic feet)
Payload – from 2,330 to a whopping 10,360 lbs
Engine – 3.2L I5 diesel or 3.7L Ti-VCT V6
Interior – from stripped down cargo van to 15- passenger seating

More pictures and video after the break.

2015 Ford Transit Cargo Van Interior 2015 Ford Transit Dash  2015 Ford Transit Interior 2015 Ford Transit Van

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