Reduce Boat Roll By Up to 90 Percent

Posted on Nov 17 2014 - 9:53am by Russ

Seakeeper Gyro Boat Stabilizer

One of the worst things about being on any boat is the side-to-side roll. It just doesn’t sit well with the brain and is a common cause of getting seasick. Our brains are pretty good at dealing with the front to back motion. Well there happens to be a fix for the side-to-side roll for boats from 30-feet to over 100-feet long. The fix comes in the form of a gyro-stabilized gadget that gets installed on, or near, the boats centerline. This gadget is called the SeaKeeper ($29,900-$194,900).

Sounds expensive. If you have ever been in rough seas trying to decide where to throw-up, you know that  the Seakeeper  is worth every penny. It makes it more enjoyable, and easier on the body, to spend time on the water.

You have to see it in action to understand how amazing it truly is.  Videos of the Seakeeper in action after the break.

Experience Seakeeper from Seakeeper Inc. on Vimeo.

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