Flic Lets You Create A Button For Just About Anything

Posted on Nov 24 2014 - 5:57pm by Russ

Flic control anything button

Ever wanted a button that could do just about anything? For example, a single button that could dim the lights, call home, or make your cellphone ring. Flic just might be the button you are looking for. Read on for more details on  this simply innovative little button.

The Flic button works in conjunction with an app that lets the user program life-macros. The uses are almost endless, but here are few cool ones.

  • You can have the flip be your personal watchdog. One click – share your location, double click – send a distress message, and hold the button for an alarm.
  • Put a button on your family portraits so Grandma can easily call by pushing the corresponding button. (see image below)
  • Turn on/off lights, adjust your thermostat temperature, or unlock the door.

Flic Wireless Button

Flic Safety Button Flic Phone Finder Button


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