GHOST+ with Morpheus H3D-360 A Fully Loaded Quadcopter

Posted on Jan 8 2015 - 11:31am by Gadget King

GHOST+ with Morpheus H3D-360 landing gear up

Sure you could spend $3,000 on a DJI Inspire 1 which is a great quadcopter minus a few flaws. Read more the DJI Inspire 1 here. Or, you could buy what appears to be a pretty feature rich quadcopter that comes with everything you need to get flying (just add your own GoPro Hero3 or Hero3+). I am not sure why the folks at TTRobotix don’t mention the Hero4 camera (for 4K video). Read on for details about the GHOST+ with Morpheus H3D-360 Quadcopter.

GHOST+ with Morpheus H3D-360 Remote

First off, plenty of things appear to be copied from the DJI Phantom quadcopter. The case design, terminology, compass calibration, etc. With that said, this seems to be the Chinese way of doing business. Mix some innovation with a bunch of copy-catting.

What I like about the TTRobotix GHOST+ with Morpheus H3D-360

  • Standard 6S 6000mAh Li-Po flat pack battery (inside a battery box) makes for less expensive battery replacement (unlike DJI’s expensive proprietary batteries)
  • Built-in “follow me” function for solo action shots (again not included with the DJI)
  • Retractable landing gear (like the DJI Inspire 1)
  • Return to home technology (like DJI)
  • 360-degree 3 axis- GoPro Gimbal
  • Ground station GPS flight path navigation

What is missing from the  TTRobotix GHOST+ with Morpheus H3D-360 –

  • Include a modular hardcase
  • Return the cameras view wirelessly to a smartphone for FPV flying
  • Offer a long range solution
  • Work on the Chenglish

GHOST+ with Morpheus H3D-360

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