AccuRelief Mini TENS

Posted on Jan 26 2015 - 9:59am by gchoe

AccuRelief Mini TENS

If you have ever used a TENS machine (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) for sore muscles or rehabilitation you know how helpful they can be. My only gripe with my current TENS unit is all of the cables and the complicated menu system. I sill like my current system, just think there are times when a simpler version, like the AccuRelief Mini TENS, could come in handy.

The Mini TENS would be nice for smaller muscles like those on the hands, arms, and neck. Perfect for travel as well do to the simplicity and size of this design. Worth a shot for around $20.

AccuRelief TENS Therapy offers natural, drug-free pain relief without harmful side effects.

Pain is personal, whether you are dealing with a temporary setback or have suffered chronic pain over a period of time. Finally, there is a solution that is safe and effective, and easy to use. Introducing AccuRelief, a complete family of FDA approved pain relieving devices that specifically target pain. Using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy, AccuRelief products block pain signals with soothing, electrical pulses "” providing you with immediate relief and assisting you in getting back to normal activity.

Does TENS Therapy Really Work?

Yes! TENS Therapy has been prescribed by doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists for over 30 years and has been clinically proven to be safe and effective for pain relief. AccuRelief offers a complete line of comparable TENS units that are now available over-the-counter without a prescription.

About the AccuRelief Mini TENS Pain Relief System

The lightweight, flexible design of the AccuRelief Mini TENS Pain Relief System shapes and contours to almost any body part. It’s small and compact to wear discreetly under clothing! Comes complete with Mini TENS device, two reusable electrode gel pads with snap connectors, one 3V CR2032 long-life battery, instruction manual and electrode placement guide for targeted relief.

How Do I Use AccuRelief’s Mini TENS Pain Relief System?

It’s easy! Simply place the gel pads on the skin at least 2 inches apart and experience 15 levels of intensity with the press of a button! AccuRelief’s Mini TENS System features a 20 minute treatment with auto-shut off.



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