Aeryon HDZoom30 Imaging Payload = SCARY

Posted on Mar 4 2015 - 9:32am by Adam E


The Aeryon HDZoom30 is basically a 3-axis gimbal stabilized camera system that can be bolted on to a Aeryon SkyRanger copter. The amazing part about the Aeryon HDZoom30 is the insane zoom (30x optical and 60x digital) and camera quality (20MP).  This camera combined with a buttery smooth gimbal allows tricks like license plate and facial recognition from distances over 1,000 feet. This means you could be so high up in the sky that the people you are watching, at very high resolution, can’t even hear or see your quadcopter. Basically,  you would be like our government. Sneaky stuff.


The HDZoom30 weighs about 1-pound and is perfect for mounting under the belly of a decent quad or hexacopter. A Aeryon SkyRanger kit (with camera) will set you back about $75,000 (ouch) and you can see more details on the Aeryon website. Easier to see this in action. Video of this amazing drone camera system after the break.

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