Legal Flamethrower Available For Sale??

Posted on Mar 23 2015 - 11:42am by Steve M

XM42 Flamethrower

Yep. For about the price of an entry level Apple Watch you can buy a 49 state legal flamethrower. Guess which state it isn’t legal in. California of course, where we can’t be trusted with a freakin butterfly knife. I digress.

Ion Productions XM422 Flamethrower

This portable flamethrower, the XM42, is built by Detroit based Ion Productions and costs just $699. Holy shamoly I need to move out of California. This isn’t a “want” type of thing. It is a need. You know, for insect abatement and melting ice. Yeah, that’s it. Video and details of the XM42, legal flamethrower after the break.

Apparently there is quite a bit of demand because the XM42 website is down as of 3/23/15 at 11:30AM. Check back later.

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