Childproof Knife Block

Posted on Mar 30 2015 - 10:01am by Ty G

Joseph Joseph Childproof Knife Block

Who needs a childproof knife block? Don’t you keep your knives high up on a counter out of reach from the little ones? It doesn’t matter how far up the counter you place them. As a child I was 50% spider monkey and could climb on just about anything, assuming the parents weren’t watching. So why not take the precaution and secure your razor sharp kitchen knifes in a  Joseph Joseph Self Locking Knife Block ($59.95)?

This childproof knife block fits most standard kitchen knives and securely locks them inside the block. To remove the knives the user needs to reach a release button on the side of the block. The release button is positioned in such a way that it requires an adult sized hand. Also, if your current knives suck you can buy a block that comes with a 6-piece knife set for $135.

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