Kruger Ceramic Knives And Block

Posted on Jul 10 2014 - 10:07am by gchoe


Not only these Kruger Ceramic Knives and Block look cool, they also have some significant advantages over metal knives.  First of all they are fairly priced at $65 for four knives and a neat block.  Ceramic knives are over 50% harder than metal blades, the blade edges will stay sharper up to 10 times longer than metal blades, they are also more hygienic because they are less porous.  Additionally they don't rust or corrode, are lighter weight, and are impervious to food acids, salts, and oils.  Who knew ceramic knives were so cool?

This $65 set will get you the cool block, a 3" pairing knife, a 4" chef's knife, a 5" chef's knife, and a 6" chef's knife.

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