Bruno Trash Can Vacuum

Posted on May 4 2015 - 9:51am by Gadget King

Bruno Vacuum Trash Can

We have a cat at home and between our clutter and hers it seems that sweeping and vacuuming are endless tasks at our house. We have been using the same tools to tackle this problem – a broom, our favorite cordless stick vacuum, and the trash can. That all might change if this connected smart trash can + vacuum cleaner becomes a reality. Currently it resides on KickStarter for $150.

The Bruno trash can and vacuum cleaner also has some WiFi connected tricks. For example, it can remind you of trash day, let you know when you are low on trash bags, and even opens with the wave of your hand. Cool tricks, but I am more excited about the vacuum port on the bottom for sweeping directly into the trash can. This eliminates the dustpan and stick vacuum for day to day cleanup. Video after the break.

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