The Aero-X Hoverbike Is Real

Posted on May 6 2015 - 10:51am by Pete M

Aerofex Aero-x Hoverbike

The Aero-X Hoverbike is going to be available for purchase next year. Honestly. According to the makers, Aerofex, this Star Wars looking hoverbike will be hitting stores next year for $85,000. Totally worth it.

Real Hoverbike for sale

The Aero-X Hoverbike has carbon fiber rotors, has a top speed of 45mph, and can carry two people up to 10-feet above the ground. In other words, just out of reach of pesky humans. It can also do vertical takeoffs. No runway needed here. More specs and video of the Hoverbike after the break.

Aerofex Aero-X Hoverbike specifications –

  • Price tag = $85,000
  • Availability = 2016
  • Top speed = 45mph
  • Weight = 785-pounds
  • Dimensions = 14.8′ long x 6.8′ wide
  • Weight capacity = 310-pounds
  • Run time = 1.25-hours

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