Zee Aero Flying Car Spied In Mountain View, CA

Posted on Nov 25 2013 - 9:50am by Robby S.

Zee Aero Flying Car

The details on this odd looking airplane-helicopter-flying car are under wraps at the moment.  But a tiny bit of investigative work turns up the following clues;

  1. This "flying car" is made by a secretive Mountain View company operating near Google, named Zee.Aero.
  2. Zee.Aero is currently operating in stealth mode and not sharing much information.
  3. Zee.Aero filed a patent this August shows a picture of a flying car parked between a family car and a station wagon.
  4. This flying car has eight helicopter like blades on top and two airplane style blades at the back.

Not sure who will win the race to develop the first flying car, but I can't wait to own one!

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