Single Wheel Hoverboard

Posted on Sep 22 2015 - 10:03am by Adam E

Hoverboard single wheel skateboard

The single wheel electric skateboard isn’t a new concept (remember the OneWheel?) but the Hoverboard refines the idea and adds to the existing technology. It has a longer range, faster top speed, a quicker charge time, and I imagine is lighter at 25-lbs.

Single Wheel Skateboard

The only wheel is a 10-inch wheel directly in the center of the board. The board is controlled by the user leaning forward to accelerate and backwards to decelerate or backup. Stabilization is aided by the use of sonar technology and a smart 5,000 W motor. Top speed is capped at 16 mph with a 12 mile range. Charge rate is at 1.5 minutes for 1 mile of range (or 16 minutes in total). Heck, there is even regenerative braking for recovering energy when slowing down or going down a hill.

Hoverboard LED lighting

Not impressed? How about built-in Bluetooth speakers, LED lighting, and an LCED screen on the board? Currently the board is living on Kickstarter and it isn’t cheap at $3,775. Ouch. Looks like fun though!

Hoverboard Deck

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    It’s so good

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