LED Lit Stand-Up Paddleboard = NightSUP

Posted on Sep 24 2015 - 10:35am by Lisa C.

LED Lighting On Stand-up Paddleboard

Just like chocolate and peanut butter. Take two good things and put them together and you have the NightSUP.  A solid stand-up paddleboard made better with LED lighting. Paddling at night is not only safer but also cooler and gives an impressive view. The LED lit stand-up paddleboard will illuminate the water from between 10 to 40 feet depending on water clarity. Perfect for viewing sea life. A complete board will cost you $1,725 from NightSUP. Or, for $160 you can buy some waterproof LED’s and build your own version. More pictures and video after the break.

LED Lit NightSUP


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