Philips’ SmartPole Street Lights Double As Cellular Towers

Posted on Nov 6 2015 - 10:33am by Russ

Philips SmartPole LED Cellular Street Light

It looks like Los Angeles is going to be the first city to install the Philip’s SmartPole street lights. Not only are they LED street lights they are also 4G LTE wireless towers. This SmartPole deployment will include 100 units. This type of install is important as cellular data traffic continues to grow. By Philips account we can expect traffic to increase by 900 percent by 2020.

“The analog light pole has evolved right here in Los Angeles,” said Mayor Eric Garcetti. “L.A. is a world leader in LED street lights and has more poles than any other city in America. We are now taking advantage of previously untapped real estate to give our streets better broadband connectivity and future-ready infrastructure, while generating revenue for the city. This project shows what smart infrastructure can do for Los Angeles: create jobs, save tax payer dollars, and improve our environment.”

By installing the Philips’ SmartPole system LA will also become the first city in North America to control and monitor its street lighting using CityTouch. CityTouch is another Philips technology that allows users to monitor and control the lighting. Users can turn the lights off/on, adjust brightness, check remaining light lifespans, and monitor energy use.


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