The CyPhy PARC Hexacopter Can Stay In The Air Forever

Posted on Nov 6 2015 - 10:49am by Russ

CyPhy PARC Drone

Ok…Ok… The CyPhy PARC Drone (I hate the lose use of that term) can’t really stay in the air forever. Almost, though. The PARC hexacopter is what is known as a Persistent Aerial Reconnaissance and Communications (PARC) drone. That basically means that it can stay in the air recording video day and night without the need of more fuel or a battery.

So how does the PARC spy copter work? No magic here, sorry folks. It uses a tethered power/data source via a microfilament line. This tiny, very difficult to see, line feeds the copter electricity while sending video data back to land. If the line should break the PARC has a backup battery so it can land safely.

The CyPhy PARC is perfect for watching your drug house or your meth lab office 24-7. No mention of pricing or availability yet but I want one.

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