First Legal Drone Delivery Tested In The US

Posted on Jul 21 2015 - 9:19am by Russ

I have seen enough of the negative press surrounding drones quadcopters (in this case a hexacopter judging from the shadow) and think that most of it is propaganda. I believe our government doesn’t like this tech in the hands of the people who vote them into office and pay their wage.

Sooo, on to the use of a remote control helicopter for something positive. This project with Flirtey and Let’s Fly Wisely used a copter to deliver medication to a free clinic. The video does a good job showing how quick and easy the delivery was. Imagine if this were a time sensitive delivery where a human life was on the line. For me, personally, I would prefer a copter flying a straight line as opposed to a car/truck on those twisty roads.

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