Rumblr Is Like Tinder For Local Fist Fights

Posted on Nov 11 2015 - 10:57am by Ty G

Rumblr Fight App

This is a bad idea all around, but I am sure it will spawn some interesting videos. Maybe a death or two. Geesh, what has this world become? This app, currently still in development, is designed to let crazy idiots people find someone local to have a good old fashioned fist fight. And if you are the type that doesn’t like to fight alone you can even enter the “group” mode. Time for some scary numbers. The Tumblr Fight App has a sign-up sheet for Beta testing limited to the first 2,000 people. More than 78,000 people have signed up for this Beta access.

Yeah, this is definitely going to end badly assuming this app makes it to the smartphone.

*-update. This may be just a hoax. Phew!

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