Vitality Air Sells Canned Canadian Air To China

Posted on Dec 23 2015 - 11:46am by Russ

Vitality Air Canadian Canned Air

Chinese air quality, from excessive pollution, has gotten so bad that some residents are buying canned air from the Canadian Rocky Mountains to inhale. My first response was you have to be $&!tt!*% me! Yes, I understand air quality is bad. Really bad! But huffing some canned Canadian air isn’t the solution. Hell, it isn’t even a band-aid. Many sayings come to mind but I think this one sums it up pretty well – “A fool and his money will soon part”. Heck, I may have just stumbled on to the best white elephant gift of all time. Get your Vitality Air Canadian Canned Air here.

This is the equivalent of swimming in a polluted river and using a dropper to place drops of fresh Alpine water on your head. Not going to do anything for you. SMH. Video after the break.

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