LUCI Outdoor Inflatable LED Solar Lantern

Posted on Feb 10 2016 - 10:04am by Lew

LUCI Outdoor Solar Waterproof LED

I am a bit of freak when it comes to LED’s and solar panels. Put the two together and you got me. The LUCI Outdoor ($15) hits on all cylinders as it has LED’s a solar panel and more. Turns out the team at MPOWERD donates some of these lights to countries without electricity. Kinda cool.

Now back to the product. The LUCI Outdoor Inflatable LED Solar Lantern isn’t particularly amazing from a spec perspective. However, it is clean, simple, and smart. The lantern is inflatable to provide a waterproof (IP67) casing and the battery lasts for 12 hours on “bright” setting.

LUCI Outdoor Solar LED Lantern

There is a solar panel that can charge the battery in 7-hours with direct sunlight and a charge indicator to show remaining battery life. There are 3 light settings, 1) bright, 2) super bright, and 3) flashing.  Video of the lamp in action after the break.

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