IN1 Nano Shield For iPhone 6/6s Review

Posted on May 16 2016 - 7:44pm by Russ
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In1 Nano Shield Packaging Front

There is no shortage of screen protector options for just about every smartphone on the market. How do you choose one over the other? Some have rounded edges, some are tinted, some are inexpensive, and some claim to be ultra-tough. So many choices. Well the IN1 Nano Shield ($19.95) has one big claim to fame, it is in the “tough” category. Read on for my review of the IN1 Nano Shield for the iPhone 6S. Quite possibly the toughest iPhone and Android screen protector available.

IN1 Nano Shield For iPhone 6/6S

If you have ever broken, and paid to replace, your iPhone (or android) screen then you know it is an expensive proposition. Time to invest in a $19.95 screen protector asap. The IN1 Nano Shield Screen Protector has what is called Intelligent Impact Protection Technology (IIPT) and this bit of voodoo magic makes your smartphone screen tough as nails. If you haven’t seen the video above take a minute and watch it. After applying the IN1 Nano Shield on an iPhone they use the phone to hammer in a nail and then beat the ISH out of it with scissors. I wasn’t brave enough to try either test, but I will make their word for it.

In1 NanoShield Packaging Rear

The packaging is in the minimalist camp. Just a think plastic clamshell with the screen protector and a wet/dry wipe. There isn’t much to it really. Open the packaging, clean your phones screen, apply the screen protector, and enjoy.

Installation is easy enough, but it is a bit tough to get all of the bubbles out from under the film. Take your time here and try and remove all bubbles (with the protective #2 layer in place). If some bubbles remain, not to worry, they will shrink in a few days.

The protector isn’t noticeable when installed which is nice. My main beef with the IN1 Nano Shield is that the edges are a tad bit sharp. I have the Apple Leather Case on my phone and it is raised around the edges so this makes it more bearable.

In1 Nano Shield Review

Pros – Super tough! If you haven’t seen the video above, you should watch it. They use the iPhone screen covered with the IN1 Nano Shield to hammer nails into a 2×4 piece of wood. Gnarly.

Cons – Bubbles are a bit tough to remove when installing (they did shrink over time). The edges of the screen protector are a bit sharp.

Conclusion – Great screen protector for people who are accident prone or are rough on their phones.

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