Backpack With Built-In Chair

Posted on Jun 19 2016 - 2:54pm by Steve M

Stalwart Backpack Chair

When doing light camping, hiking, or exploring space is often an issue. How much can I carry without causing me to get a hernia? Do I bring the camp stove or just some self-heating MRE’s? Same goes for a camp chair. Well, the Stalwart folding stool and backpack combo ($28) might help with the chair portion of the problem.

The Stalwart Chair Backpack starts off as a pretty standard backpack with adjustable shoulder straps but also has a sturdy steel construction folding stool. It claims to be able to support folks up to 250 pounds. Get yours – and get your hike on. Or just be the one guy with the impromptu chair at the next outdoor concert.

Stalwart Folding Chair and Backpack Combo Stalwart Folding Stool and Backpack Combo


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