World’s Lightest Folding Bike In Production

Posted on Sep 22 2016 - 10:04am by Lisa C.


The Hummingbird Folding Bike started off as a Kickstarter and is now moving forward. The bike will weigh in at just 14.8-lbs (6.7-kg)!

Production si being aided by the motorsports team at Prodrive. The frame, seat post, and fork are made of carbon fiber. There will be two different models of the Hummingbird bike; a single-speed and a five-speed. The five-speed version will have an internal hub from Sturney-Archer or SRAM with a grip shifter. The only other option is wheel size, 16 or 20-inch.

Expect to see the Hummingbird Folding Bike for sale early next year with a price around $2.700.

hummingbird-folding-bike-2 hummingbird-folding-bike-3 hummingbird-folding-bike-4 hummingbird-folding-bike-5

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