Get Three 10-FT MFI-Certified Lightning Cables For $12 With Free Shipping

Posted on Oct 5 2016 - 9:58am by Russ


Boring alert. I am going to talk about MFI-certified lightning cables.

When it comes to quality Apple lightning cables most folks are penny wise and pound foolish. We buy crappy cables at the corner store or we use damaged cables for weeks/months on end. Knock it off folks. Lecture time.

  1. If your existing lightning cable (or any charge cable) is frayed, kinked, or missing the covering toss it in the trash. Today, not tomorrow! Burning down your home or office to save a few bucks is ridiculous. This is no joke and  happens quite frequently.
  2. Quit buying the short 3-ft cables. Too many times I have been hunched over an electrical port or contorted in an odd way to use my phone while plugged in. Why? Cables are cheap enough now that we should all be using our phones comfortable whether plugged-in or not.
  3. Get out your wallet or purse and buy this 3-pack of 10ft cables for just $12 with free shipping!

aonsen-lightning-cable-10ft-3-pack-2 aonsen-lightning-cable-10ft-3-pack-3 aonsen-lightning-cable-10ft-3-pack-4 aonsen-lightning-cable-10ft-3-pack-5

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