Paracable Lightning Cable Review

Posted on Apr 4 2017 - 9:07am by Gadget King
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It is tough to get excited about your Lightning cable. They work great, until they don’t and that is the problem. Shouldn’t they last more than 6-months?! I have gone through too many Lightning cables to count. My cables tend to fail in the same ways; the plastic cable coating splits or the same coating comes loose at the business ends. Both failures expose the internal cabling which can potentially cause an electrical short and ultimately a dangerous situation. Cable fires aren’t a new thing, Google it.

So, who makes the strongest, longest lasting, and most reliable cable? Great question. Without stress testing tons of cables, the jury is still out. With that said, I have come across a very solid contender in the Paracable Lightning Cables ($24.95). They aren’t the cheapest, but I am over trying to save a dollar on a product that I rely on daily. The Paracables come with a 30-day “Love It Guarantee”, if for any reason you aren’t 100% satisfied… return it. They also include a 1-year hassle free warranty.


Paracable Lightning Cable Review

Quality/Look and Feel – At first touch you can tell that the Paracable is more than just a notch above the average cable. The 32-strand braided-paracord wrapper feels thick, strong, and protective. I want to try repelling down a wall with the Paracable USB/Lighting Cable, it feels that strong.

The cable doesn’t tangle or kink easily and is Apple MFI certified. Both the USB and Lightning connectors are covered in aluminum and sport the “P” logo.


Ease of Use – This is a simple cable so there isn’t much to say here. It works, well. I like that the thickness of the Paracable helps it to resist kinking or tangling.

Paracable Lightning Cables 2

Packaging & Manual – Simple and not much waste. I like that. The cable is basically in a reusable ziplock bag (nice touch) with a retail header on top.

Long story short… you get what you pay for when it comes to cabling. Sure there are cheaper options available, but at what cost? A house fire? We rely on our gadgets every day, don’t buy a $700 phone and put a $1 case on it. You get the idea.


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