Blockhead Side-Facing Plug for Apple Adapters and Chargers

Posted on Oct 31 2016 - 9:21am by Lisa C.


There are times when the clean/simple Apple MacBook power adapters are just not the best size/orientation. The picture above pretty much sums it up. You can’t use the standard MacBook power adapter in some outlets.

This Ten One Design MacBook power adapter wall-plug, the Blockhead Side-Facing Plug ($19.95), works with all MacBook power adapters. It even works with the 10w & 12w iPad power adapter as well.

ten-one-blockhed-side-facing-apple-power-adapter-plug ten-one-blockhed-side-facing-macbook-adapter-plug ten-one-blockhed-side-facing-macbook-power-adapter-plug-1 ten-one-blockhed-side-facing-macbook-power-adapter-plug-comparison  ten-one-blockhed-side-facing-macbook-power-adapter


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