Birdie – Make Your GoPro Camera Fly

Posted on Nov 15 2016 - 8:39am by gchoe


The Birdie is 1/2 shuttlecock and 1/2 GoPro camera mount. Once the GoPro is mounted in the Birdie you simply play catch with it or throw it as high as you can. Think of it as a selfie stick that you can throw in the air for some cool aerial shots from above. Not quite a drone, but it is super portable and costs just $59.


Birdie is an aerodynamic accessory for action cams like the GoPro. Launch it into the air while your camera takes continuous photos or videos
on the way up to maximum altitude, and on the way back down.

You now have access to aerial photography like never-before! Birdie feels like a game of catch!
The resulting photos are candid, capturing authentic in-the-moment expressions.

More pictures and video of the Birdie GoPro Camera Shuttlecock after the break.

birdei-gopro-camera-throwing-flight-1 birdei-gopro-camera-throwing-flight-2 birdei-gopro-camera-throwing-flight-3  birdei-gopro-camera-throwing-flight-5 birdei-gopro-camera-throwing-flight-6 birdei-gopro-camera-throwing-flight-7 birdei-gopro-camera-throwing-flight-8  birdei-gopro-camera-throwing-flight-10

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