Nope Magnetic Webcam Privacy Shield

Posted on Mar 13 2017 - 9:13am by Russ

Nope Laptop Desktop Camera Cover

Remember when you only had to worry about hackers getting access to your computer (microphone, camera, and data)? Ahh, the good old days. Now that we are fully aware of our governments addiction to spying on its citizens, it makes sense to disable microphones and cameras when and where possible. I am not saying that you should open your laptop and cut the line to the microphone, although plenty of folks are actually doing that.

I used to think I was a bit crazy for putting a piece of post-it-note material over my cameras on my computers and iPads. Doesn’t sound so crazy with the latest Snowden and Assange leaks.

“The days of thinking people with tape over their laptop cameras are nuts are behind us. Even Mark Zuckerberg sported a camera cover with pride…”

This product, pictured above, plans to help folks cover their laptop and desktop cameras with a slightly more elegant solution. The product is called “Nope” and uses a revolving magnet to cover/uncover the cameras lens. Pretty cool but I am sticking to my post-it-note version.

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