1:3 Scale RC Truck – The Mammuth Rewarron

Posted on Apr 20 2017 - 10:48am by Adam E

Mammuth Rewarron Giant RC Car Truck

This mammoth RC truck, the Mammuth Rewarron, is somewhere between a UTV and a go-kart. It is over 6.5-feet long, weighs 375-pounds, and is powered by a single cylinder 4-stroke 270cc engine. Not sure where it is made but I believe it is from Hungary. Price tag = $5,500.

Having something this big that I have to walk next to to take it to the park seems awesome, but not perfect. If only the Rewarron was just a bit bigger, then I could ride it around a bit. I’m not hoping to replace the family car, but who doesn’t want an RC car/truck you can ride from time-to-time?

Video of this beast after the break.

Mammuth Rewarron Giant RC Truck Mammuth Rewarron Largest RC Car


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