Ark Two Is An Underground Bunker Made From 42 Buses

Posted on Nov 20 2017 - 8:03am by Pete M

Ark Two Nuclear Bunker Aerial View

Ark Two is what happens when someone has time, money, construction skills, and a passion to survive after a nuclear blast. In this case, that person is Bruce Beach from Horning’s Mills, Canada. This bunker is more about rebuilding society after nuclear blast. It is named Ark Two and is over 10,000 sqft built up from 42 school buses that are buried 14-feet underground and covered in concrete. The Ark Two is designed to accommodate 500 people for several months. Some features include redundant fuel generators, a daycare, dentists chair, water source, full plumbing, and plenty of food.

Ark Two Nuclear Bunker After Nuclear War Ark Two Nuclear Bunker Bruce Beach Inside Ark Two Nuclear Bunker Bruce Beach Ark Two Nuclear Bunker Layout Ark Two Nuclear Bunker School Bus

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